Review: The CBS NRSV Catholic Edition Bible

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At the end of  April, 2016, I visited Pauline Books and Media with the intention of purchasing a copy of the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), Catholic Edition Bible in preparation for the 2016 Steubenville Conference. I have owned many bibles. However, most of them were in the New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) translation which was the Bible translation used for the United States of America Lectionary. I wanted a bible of the NRSV translation as it was the  Bible translation used during Mass in Canada. I have found managed to find the translation at Pauline Books and Media and purchased a green, hard cover NRSV Catholic Edition bible at only $13.95 (price not including tax) published by the Canadian Bible Society (CBS). Luckily, I had printed a 20% off one item coupon off the Pauline website which left me paying only $11.16 (price not including tax) for the Bible. I was quite satisfied with the Bible. There was also an exact one also published by CBS but with a soft cover, a dollar less ($12.95). However, I wanted one that would last a portable bible that would last as long as possible and found the hardcover version suitable for my needs.

The NRSV Catholic Edition is a very simple Catholic translation of the bible. It is very easy to understand. As mentioned, it is the Lectionary translation used in Canada too and therefore, the texts sound very familiar to me. With CBS’ version of the NRSV, there are no commentaries. However, there are very short footnotes to accompany the reader in understanding the text better. The Imprimatur assures that this bible translation has no doctrinal errors and approved for Catholics.

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*** I wrapped my bible in protective cellophane after I purchased it. There was no cellophane protector when I purchased the bible!!!

Title: Holy Bible – NRSV – Catholic Edition

Publisher: Canadian Bible Society

Format: Print, hardcover book

Dimensions (approximate): 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 3.5 cm

Imprimatur: Yes


  • Catholic edition with Imprimatur from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Understandable English translation of the Bible
  • lightweight, fairly portable durable
  • well constructed book
  • hardcover edition likely lasts longer
  • lays flat when opened, readable type (approximately pt. 10 font)
  • appendix including [1] Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verbum [2] Measures and Weights in the Bible (one of my  favourite features!) [3] Tables of Readings [4] Prayers and Devotions of the Catholic Faith [5] Concordance
  • Inexpensively priced Catholic bible


  • No ribbon marker(s),
  • bible paper is thin and can see through the other side (most bibles are like that)
  • the hardcover edition is $1 more than the flexcover edition

Overall, despite the “cons”, I think CBS’ NRSV Catholic Edition Bible is one of the best and inexpensive bibles out there for Catholics. Consider purchasing one if you do not own a bible yet or complain that “Oh, bibles are so expensive!” The bible is such an important and special book to Christianity and a Christian should read the whole bible at least once in their life!!!

You may purchase the CBS NRSV Catholic Edition Bible at Pauline Books and Media, Toronto. You may also purchase a copy online at the CBS Store. Please note that the cover depicted on the Bible Store was the older cover. The cover depicted here is the new one.



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