Services Review: The Catholic Company

The Catholic Company

The Catholic Company,  according to their website is a “Catholic Store, Religious Store, Catholic Bookstore”. I contacted them about three weeks ago about enrolling into their reviewer’s program but sadly, they have discontinued it. However, the very kind staff offered me two books that I promised to review here on cclogo_2016. I found out choosing two books from a large online Catholic store was very difficult because there were so many books that I liked! When I go to Catholic bookstores such as Pauline’s Books and Media, I often spend at least one hour there, often coming out with a discounted book or prayer card. In the end, I managed to choose two magnificent books.

When I go to Catholic bookstores such as Pauline’s Books and Media, I often spend at least one hour there, often coming out with a discounted book or prayer card. In the end, I managed to choose two magnificent books. First was the RSV-Catholic Bible-Compact Edition published by Oxford University Press. I have considered The Ignatius Bible-RSV 2nd Edition (Softcover). These two bibles were almost the same in dimensions. However, the Oxford one was hardcover (I always prefer hardcover books over softcovers) and I wanted to see how a non-Catholic publisher published a Catholic Bible.  I will be going to the Steubenville Toronto Conference this weekend so this will be a great chance to try out this Compact Bible. The second book is actually two books but one item. It was the Lives of the Saints 2-Volume Boxed Set published by the Catholic Book Publishing Corporation, a very popular publisher of Catholic books. I will review these two products I received from The Catholic Company in a later post. The RSV-Catholic Bible-Compact Edition I will likely to review next week after I come back to the Steubenville Conference. The Lives of the Saints 2-Volume Boxed Set I will review sometime in August. Today, I only want to focus on The Catholic Company‘s service.

20160719_181851I requested my items via an e-mail conversation on July 7, 2016. The staff notified me that the Lives of the Saints 2-Volume Boxed Set was temporarily out of stock, which they told me “may take up to several weeks” for it to be back in stock. (Probably my mistake that I did not check the site to be prepared…) Therefore, I thought that my order would not come to my doorstep until probably August. On the night of July 18, 2016, I checked the website and saw that the item was back in stock. Curious of how the order was going, I emailed the staff and asked about the progress. The staff replied a couple hours on the same day after I sent the email. To my surprise, on that same day in the afternoon, after my afternoon walk, I saw a package on my front door. I thought that it was for someone else in my household. It was not, it was from The Catholic Company. I was thrilled to see the contents of the package.

I was a bit tired after my afternoon walk. But, I just wanted to open the package and see the items that I have requested. I took a knife and carefully opened the package. First, I saw a rolled up large sheet of brown kraft paper to stabilize the contents of the box. Then, each item I requested was carefully put into a plastic bubble wrap package. I was surprised by how much care was taken into packing the contents. They even including a neat “BELIEVE” decal with my order.

On The Catholic Man’s Scale (services version)

Customer Service (via e-mail): ★★★★★

Duration of order to delivery: ★★★★★ (not long as expected!)

Staff: ★★★★★ (such kind and polite staff!)

Care in packaging: ★★★★★ 

Trustworthiness: ★★★★★

Items arrived as expected: ★★★★★

There was nothing negative I could say about The Catholic Company! My family has bought some things online (electronics, school supplies…) and some took long to come to our doorstep and some came to us in very “loose” packaging. If someone asks me, “Where is the best Catholic Online store?”. My answer would be, “The Catholic Company”.

I appreciate The Catholic Company‘s great work in serving Catholics “because faith matters”! Again, I thank The Catholic Company for giving me the chance to review your services and two of your products on The Catholic Man Reviews. This is a big motivation for me to continue The Catholic Man Reviews blog. 

My two posts on RSV-Catholic Bible-Compact Edition and Lives of the Saints 2-Volume Boxed Set  will be the next two blog posts on The Catholic Man Reviews! Stay tuned for these reviews!


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