Tabbies’ Bible Tabs Product Review


This may be one of the most shortest reviews because it is not for a book, but a product that will enhance a book… Bible Tabs.

Tabbies sent me three sets of Bible Tabs to be reviewed on this site about two months ago. However, I wanted to attach them on one of my favourite bibles and use them for a while. Now I believe is the time to review them.

Tabbies sent me three different sets of Bible Tabs which they said were the most popular ones:

  1. Old & New Testament Plus Catholic Books, 96 Gold-Edged Tabs Including 71 Books & 25 Reference Tabs Large Print
  2. Old & New Testament Plus Catholic Books, 90 Gold-Edged Tabs Including 71 Books & 19 Reference Tabs
  3. Old & New Testament Plus Catholic Books, 90 Assorted Tabs Including 71 Books & 19 Reference Tabs

Did you notice something? All the sets sent includes the CATHOLIC BOOKS of the Bible (non-Catholic Bibles do not contain some books, and therefore a disaster if I did not have a Catholic Bible Tabs set).

I have many Bibles. However, I am waiting to review a few more Bibles and therefore, only attached one of the three sets sent.

I used one of the set of tabs on my St. Joseph NABRE Deluxe Gift Edition Bible of white bonded leather  which I received as a gift back in 2014. It has gold edges and is one of the larger Bibles I own and therefore, I decided to go with the Large Print tabs with gold edges (no.1).

The instructions included were very clear and included a “ruler” to be cut out in order to properly place the tabs. The tabs are like stickers. There is a clear adhesive part (the large print ones has the name of the book on the clear adhesive) on the two edges of the tab. Those are to be attached onto the Bible page. However, I made mistakes on several sections. When I attach the first half of the tabs, I flip the page over and unfortunately, it also pulled the second page. I did not realize this until AFTER placed the second half down. The package said that the tabs are permanent. I tried to peel off the clear adhesive to put it back on correctly. The actual cardstock tab part of the book (the part you see) with the Bible book’s abbreviation also has adhesive too. Thankfully, the tabs are not as permanent as I thought they would be and I managed to correct the tabs that I misplaced.

I thought the Bible was going to be thicker when the tabs were placed, therefore adding more bulk, but no. Tabbies’ tabs’ adhesive are tissue paper thin that it does not add any bulk to the Bible which made me pleased. The reference tabs are also very helpful.

Though, I do have to admit that I am impatient and tend to do things quickly. Attaching Bible tabs is something one SHOULD NOT rush I have learned. It takes patience. For the other two sets, I have learned that perhaps I should put on some Gregorian Chant when attaching the tabs…

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In Summary

Product: Large-print Bible Tabs, Gold Edge

Company: Tabbies

Format: Print, self-adhesive

Dimensions  (approximate): 10.75 inches x 8.25 inches x 0.5 inches



  • Tabs are strong and the “sticker” part is thin and clear
  • Gold edge tabs are a perfect addition to a gilded Bible
  • Comes with instruction and measuring tool


  • Takes a lot of patience to attach
  • When attaching, the second or third page may adhere to sticker
  • Must be very careful when attaching Bible tabs

On “The Catholic Man’s” Scale

★★★★ 4/5

Overall, I think that the Bible tabs are great. However, attaching them is very time consuming and requires patience. One mistake can ruin a page of your expensive Bible.




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