Review: The Catholic Man Backpack by 4Imprint

Image result for 4imprint logoThis must be one of the coolest items ever reviewed on The Catholic Man Reviews and therefore took some time to review. Through the generosity of 4Imprint Canada, a promotional products company, I was given an Atlas Laptop Backpack with my The Catholic Man logo embroidered on it with the promise that I would review on my website. For years, I have been thinking of opening a store full of items such as T-Shirts and Hoodies with The Catholic Man logo imprinted on it and potentially design a logo for females (just have to think of a cool Catholic name for ladies. If you have one, please contact me)!

I have always desired to have a backpack that would be suitable for retreats and for travel outside of school so to be able to carry a laptop and Liturgical texts and items in a dignified manner. I was scrolling through and was amazed by their great selection of not just any plain backpacks but specifically laptop backpacks. Looking into laptop bags, I found the atlas laptop backpack which was looked simple and would suit my needs. I contacted 4Imprint and was able to get my very own The Catholic Man Backpack. I was very impressed with the design and quality. At first, I sent in a request for a screen printed logo. However, with one of its representive’s reccommendations, an embroidered logo was done instead in white.

The backpack itself has helped me a lot in many tasks. I often use those messenger laptop bags which I used throughout all of my trip to Brisbane, Australia which was inconvenient since the bag alone was of too much weight and I had to carry the weight on one of my shoulders or carry it in my hands. A backpack allows the weight to be spread out evenly. The backpack I received was very light. It also fit my HP 255 Laptop which is very useful when I have to bring my laptop somewhere. I also use the backpack to carry my alb and other Liturgical gadgets for altar serving. Recently, I have used the bag during meetings at the Parish Youth Group and it has pulled the attention of quite a few members, wondering how I got the bag branded. I have brought it to retreats and hope to use it on my next overseas trip (if it does happen soon). I have attached a few lapel pins and a couple keychains that I have received from many people I have met through conferences and retreats.

On The Catholic Man’s Scale

★★★★★ 5/5

A backpack that is now my “missionary backpack”. To me, it will be a great tool for evangelization and reminds me of my call to be a faithful Catholic wherever I go.

A big thank you to 4Imprint for your generosity.

If you think you would like to see a The Catholic Man bag or merchandise in your hands, comment below and we might start a The Catholic Man store!

Considering a promotion campaign? Visit to know more and search their products!


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