Totally Catholic Tees T-Shirts Review

Totally Catholic Tees

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Summer time is here and The Catholic Man has quite of few product reviews to be published, so stay tuned!

I have recently received four t-shirt from Totally Catholic Tees. In my wardrobe, I have a lot of t-shirts from various Catholic events such as camps, conferences etc. I never had a non-event Catholic t-shirt before. I have seen many Catholic t-shirts worn at events such as the Lift Jesus Higher Rally in Toronto and Steubenville Toronto… those Catholic events. Do I see such t-shirts worn outside? Rarely. However, I believe that Catholic t-shirts are a form of evangelization. Many like to wear t-shirts with superhero logos such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman… Why are Catholics ashamed to wear a t-shirt that bears the image or symbol of the ultimate superhero Jesus?

Totally Catholic Tees is a Catholic t-Shirt business that has been running for over 20 years. Its head are Sam and Tracy and they too had in mind the theme of evangelization when opening their business. According to their bio, “Sam is a pretty big guy and he used that to his advantage and wore christian t-shirts everywhere he went. What he really wanted was to share his particularly deep Catholic faith, but no one was making catholic t-shirts and if they were they were poor quality and had “cheesy” messages.” That is no longer the case with Totally Catholic Tees’ birth. Today, their website sells dozens of different Catholic designs of t-shirts, all “cool” designs, pleasing to today’s fashion. Besides t-shirts, Totally Catholic Tees also has girly tees, a variety of hoodies and so far a Catholic canvas cinch sac. Also, if you go to a Catholic Conference, be sure to keep an eye out for a group with t-shirts by Totally Catholic Tees as they also customize designs at a discounted rate for retreats, confirmation program gifts, parish fundraisers, World Youth Day pilgrimages, diocesan conferences, etc. The last time I contacted them, they were busy for Steubenville Conferences season.

Now on to the t-shirts themselves… As I mentioned earlier, Totally Catholic Tees sent me four different t-shirts, adult male, medium size. When I first opened the package, I was amazed at the different designs.

  1. IACblack-front.pngI Am Catholic Premium Tee – This was probably my most favourite design. I received a lot of great feedback with this t-shirt. This t-shirt was simple in design and really shows one’s pride to be Catholic. The site describes this t-shirt as, “A simple front with a graphic of the Eucharist as the “i”. On the back our signature “I Believe” with the creed.” When I took off my sweater and some guys I was working with saw the t-shirt, they said, “Wow, bold statement!” Indeed, I would say so… Are we ready and proud to say, “I AM CATHOLIC”? Or are we scared that people would make fun of us? The back contains the Nicene Creed. The Creed forms the letter I with the word BELIEVE in the background. I really liked this design!
  2. SPWnavy-front.pngSpiritual Warfare Premium Tee – This one was of very interesting and cool design. The website’s description on this t-shirt, “On the Front “Spiritual Warfare” with the Crucified Christ as a sword with the words armor of God underneath. On the back the same sword with the scripture quote from Ephesians, “put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil”. It was interesting how the quote from Ephesians was incorporated into such a cool graphic design. A proverb said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The graphic made me reflect on the bible verse for quite some time. As Catholics, we are called to defend the Church and that is what this t-shirt reminds me. Are we willing to be martyrs for Christ? Are we willing to be humiliated because of our faith? When I put on this t-shirt, that is what I ask myself.
  3. I Can DAllThingsapplegreen-front.pngo All Things Premium Tee – I am not a big fan of green, I would of had preferred the navy-blue one but it was worth trying a new Catholic t-shirt. Besides, the Spiritual Warfare t-shirt was navy blue! Different from the other shirts was that this t-shirt was made up of a more light fabric while the other t-shirts were printed on the tradition cotton t-shirts. The shirt’s description as on the website, “Front left chest: I can do all things… on back a great cross design with the full scripture quote from Philippians 4:13.” I liked how this one had a design on the front left chest for a change. I really liked the design of the cross on the back with Philippians 4:13 which corresponds to the graphic on the front, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Life gets tough at times and there are moments when one may feel like giving up, especially at work and at school. Yet, this t-shirts gives one that boost for the day. It serves that Christ is with them at all times and that He felt the same tiredness, same pains, and the same happiness as us.
  4. ROCKgray.pngApostolic Succession Premium Tee – This is one of the t-shirts you would want if you had a Catechism test on the chronology of Popes and you’ll see why. “A cool vintage design THE ROCK overlaying the list of popes from St. Peter to Pope Francis. Representing with the keys and the scripture notation Matt. 16:18 (You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church…) Apostolic Succession since XXXIII A. D.” I wore the shirt one day and explained how it had the name of every Pope from the first Pope, St. Peter to the 266th Pope today, Pope Francis. All 266 names are fitted onto the square. Need a name of a Pope on a test? Count all the Popes from St. Peter! (Just kidding 🙂 ) This t-shirt serves as a reminder to pray for the Pope as he is the shepherd of the whole Catholic Church. He must face serious issues in the Church everyday and we need to pray that he may succeed in solving such issues. We also pray that the Pope can lead the Church always in faith, hope and charity.

Picture time!!! (Apologize that these pictures are not of highest quality… these pictures doesn’t do the t-shirts justice! Visit for the highest quality images of their products.)

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On The Catholic Man’s Scale (products and services)

Customer Service (via e-mail): ★★★★★

Duration of order to delivery: ★★★★★ (not long as expected!)

Staff: ★★★★★

Care in packaging: ★★★★★ 

Trustworthiness: ★★★★★

Items arrived as expected: ★★★★★

T-shirt quality: (have to wear them much longer to know the quality)

T-shirt designs: ★★★★★

Honestly, I have to say that Totally Catholic Tees have one of the best Catholic t-shirt designs up in the market right now. The messages are straight forward and perfect for 21st century evangelization. After reading this review and you would like to put on a couple Catholic t-shirts, visit and checkout their cool Catholic apparel store!



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