Book Review: Sinner by Lino Rulli


I have only known of Lino Rulli, “The Catholic Guy”, host of “The Catholic Guy Show” on Sirius XM only a little more than two years ago. I learned of Lino Rulli through a video of him and Catholic artist Steve Angrisano singing a newly composed country song, “Lord, You Make Me Smile,” on Facebook in November of 2015. Clicking on Lino Rulli’s Facebook page led me to a whole new window of Catholic media. Since then, I have listened to some Catholic Guy podcasts which not only informed people about Catholicism, but did so in a comedic way. I wish many Catholics could have the same comedic style of Lino Rulli.

Stories aside, I received a review copy of Lino Rulli’s first book, Sinner: The Catholic Guy’s Funny, Feeble Attempts to Be a Faithful Catholic. It just seemed like a very funny and interesting title and indeed it was!

Sinner is a book I think every Catholic can connect with. If not, then contact the Pope to canonize you!

Seriously, we all stumble in the path of Christian life. However, Lino Rulli , like everyone else is a Catholic who stumbles along the way but stand back up again. The question we should ask ourselves is, “When I fail, do I try again or do I give up?”

Sinner is consisted of 26 chapters, each recounting a different story of his life from childhood to his adulthood. Rulli makes it evident that being Catholic does not mean you are automatically a saint. It takes time, patience, virtues and mistakes in order to improve.

Each story allows me to connect to my own life. I have had many funny ecclesiastical experiences throughout my years of ministry at the Church. Reading Rulli’s stories assure me that even though I may fail, I am not alone and that there are people like myself who strive for sainthood each and everyday.

Reading Sinner also gave me more context to what Lino is saying on The Catholic Man Show. Having read Sinner, some of the things I listen to makes sense as Lino often connects aspects of his personal life on the show.

Sinner is not a theologically complex book, unlike some reads such as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Last Testament: In His Own Word with Peter Seewald. That language used in that book seems to be a little more challenging to understand at points. Reading Sinner, I can actually imagine Lino reading the book as the way he writes seems to fit his personality.

I also enjoyed the section Through the Years with Lino Rulli located in the middle of the book. It is a short photo album of toddler Lino to adult Lino. This seems to bring the text alive and to prove that what Rulli is saying, is true.

To sum up this short review for one of the shortest books I have reviewed on The Catholic Man ReviewsSinner is a very relatable book for every Catholic.

On The Catholic Man’s Scale

★★★★★ 5/5

Lino Rulli also has a sequel to SinnerSaint, Why I Should Be Canonized Right Away. Seems contradicting to Sinner? I don’t know… perhaps I’ll get a review copy of it someday.

Purchase Sinner here from Franciscan Media. 

Visit Lino Rulli’s website here.






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