Review: Sunday Cool Custom Christian Apparel

Note: As summer starts wrapping up, The Catholic Man reviewing more frequently before things get back on the roll during the school year. Thank you to all companies and publishers who have allowed me to review their products and services.

Image result for sunday coolI never heard of Sunday Cool until I was looking for possibilities of custom made t-shirts. However, I bumped into and saw some pretty cool products and designs. Sunday Cool is a fairly “young” company, established with the name Sunday Cool only two years ago in 2016.

Sunday Cool sent me a sample of one of their t-shirts, two stickers and two woothoops. 

First, I want to remark on their website, I really like the clean, simple design which is customer friendly, easy to navigate. I also like the use of modern fonts, making the site attractive. This simplicity and modernity seems to be reflected in Sunday Cool’s artwork for their clients.


Unlike the review I did for Totally Catholic Tees, I didn’t pose with this t-shirt, because the t-shirt was too large… x-large size. I only wear medium-sized shirts and I didn’t want to misrepresent Sunday Cool‘s products, so I thought it was best to display the t-shirt as it is. Some remarks I have to make about the t-shirt:

  • I looked at the tag on the insider of the t-shirt and found that it was a totally custom made tag, with Sunday Cool on it, no Gildan or Fruit of the Loom. Sunday Cool has their own line of t-shirts.
  • I really like the texture of the t-shirt. It is super soft. I have used many Gildan brand t-shirts and unlike them, Sunday Cool shirts are much softer.
  • The design on the shirt is not “stiff” compared to the many screen printed t-shirts I have been given at retreats. The screen printing ink used by Sunday Cool is said to be, “water based”.

This would be a t-shirt that I would want to wear during the summer.

Sunday Cool also sent me two woothoops. At first, When I took these out of the box, I questioned what they were. At first, I thought that they were some sort of hair tie since they had some elasticity to them. However, I went on Sunday Cool’s site to look them up, and found them to simply be wristbands. This is the first time I have seen such wristbands for promotion. The unique part about them is that they are reversible. in designs; 2-in-1. This would be a good promotion for youth groups. Personally, the designs they sent me are not of my taste, but that is quite subjective.

sticker I was also sent two stickers as well. I did not see any custom stickers as one of their products, but it would be nice if they did custom stickers.

On The Catholic Man’s Scale

T-shirt: ★★★★★ 5/5

Wootbands: ★★★★ 4/5

Overall. I like Sunday Cool’s t-shirt… just wish a medium shirt was sent 😉 . They would be great for any Christian youth group. Catholic youth groups can ask them for assistance when designing conference t-shirts too.

In regards to Sunday Cool’s wootband, they are a great marketing tool to giveaway. They are an interesting alternative to silicone wristbands that I have loads of them at home.

Will The Catholic Man launch a t-shirt and merchandise line with Sunday Cool? That is under consideration.

If you are interested in Sunday Cool’s products, pay them a visit at

UPDATE: Very shortly after this review was published, Sunday Cool sent me a medium sized shirt (that fits me), along with a couple other goodies, along with a handwritten note! Thank you Sunday Cool 


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