Day 10: Daily Companion for Men

Want to start the new year on a good note? Do you need a book that has a short meditation and a prayer everyday? Well Catholic Book Publishing (CBP) Corp. got your back on this one. 

Published in 2017, the Daily Companion for men is a great resource for men to enrich their spiritual lives everyday either in the morning, evening or anytime during the day with a short meditation/reflection and a prayer. The way you use this resource is up to you. You may choose to use it as part of Morning Prayer, before a work shift, on the way home on public transit… The possibilities are endless. 

Daily Companion for Men will stop you from making excuses, “Oh, I don’t have time to pray or do spiritual reading”. Praying with this companion takes only about 3-5 minutes everyday. 

Have complaints about the size of prayer books? The Daily Companion for Men was published in a thin and masculine design, easy to carry around with you everywhere, in a purse, backpack, or bag. It is a good devotional tool to have beside your breviary. It is a very thin book, probably 1/5 of the thickness of the breviary, so weight is not a problem at all. The dimensions are 
4″ X 6 1/4″, a very good size for any man. . 

The cover is made of an imitation leather material. I like how the words have been embossed, and there is a textured embossing along the left of the cover (you can see it clearly in the picture), and it feels really good to feel with your hand. The textured part also runs along to the back side. The book also has a bookmark ribbon. 

A sample page

I scanned the page above for demonstration purposes (I apologize for the distortions as a result of scanning), but as you can see, the page layout is quite appealing and simple. The date is in the top right corner, a quote is given everyday with a drop-cap, a feature I love. That is all followed by a short reflection and a short prayer. That is it! Very simple but deepening prayer and reflection everyday. 

I like how the back has some prayers for men including: To you, O Blessed Joseph, Prayer to Discern God’s Plan Made Known in Everyday Life, Prayer of Father and Prayer for Friends… prayers that are helpful to have on hand. 

On The Catholic Man’s Scale     
★★★★★     5/5

A great companion to have on hand and follow through the year with. The price tag is not steep, only $8.95 USD! 

You think CBP left out women? No way! Check out the two products here:

Daily Companion for Men

Daily Companion for Women

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