Day 1: The Rosary Card, by Everyday Prayer Co.

Preface: The Catholic Man Reviews is back at it with the Season 4 installment of the “12 Days of Christmas.” The series features 12 days of Catholic gift ideas. This year, we are starting a little later than usual most years, mainly due to the fact that both The Catholic Man and his sister are both University students and November – December have proven to be very busy months academically. Nevertheless, even as students, we wanted to provide the best quality reviews. Upon contemplation, it was prudent and best to start later this year. We know that Christmas shopping would be done, but we also thought, “Why not support Catholic business all year long, not just Christmas?” We hope that this series will not limit you to Christmas shopping alone, but convince you to make everyday Christmas for those in your household. We thank the businesses who have helped make the series possible.

One of the problems, or excuses rather as to why people don’t pray often is, “I forgot my rosary… I forgot my prayer book… I forgot my breviary.” While an impromptu prayer can sometimes be the solution, it is not always easy. I personally love to pray with the Liturgy of the Hours. I know many who have a pious devotion to the rosary. Some choose the Divine Mercy Chaplet. While I have got into the habit of bringing a rosary with me wherever I go, there are moments (especially when you’re late catching the bus) where your rosary is still left on your night table. For some people, a rosary is the last thing they need to add bulk to their pockets. When asked, “How can I pray more?” my response would be – make prayer tools accessible to you.

In recent years, a Catholic shop has understood this need for a prayer tool that would not only be portable, accessible but most importantly, practical. Everyday Prayer Co. is the name of the shop and they are a company to look out for if you are looking in gifting a spiritual aid either for your family, friends or maybe for yourself.

Everyday Prayer Co. has produced a prayer tool, simply called, “The Rosary Card” – a durable credit-card sized rosary that fits in your wallet, pocket, or even your breviary. Notice, they are credit-card sized, but not credit-card quality – meaning their pocket rosaries are not made of plastic. They are made of metal and come in a variety of finishes.

For this review, I received two that are of a smooth, glossy finish: one in white and one in black. I also received another of a more unique finish – copper in all in natural splendour. They also have pastel pink and brushed finish steel finishes, as well – all of which can be viewed on their website catalogue. I think the amount of finishes they have provided will suit a variety of tastes, for both men and women. Perhaps more may come in the future? A navy blue would be an interesting one to see.

Despite the differences in finishes, the layout of the rosaries are the same. Featured all around are 10 holes for the “Hail Mary” beads. They are of a good size, each hole is about 1cm in diameter. Closing off is a cross at the bottom, as you would expect in any rosary. In the centre is the Marian Monogram, the one often seen on the back of a Miraculous Medal. Overall, it is very simple design, but very practical. If you want to speak about a truly portable rosary, there are those “Scout Rosaries” which are a ring with 10 beads on the circumference with a cross at the top. While they are of unique, fancy design, the practicality of these rosaries are not the best as the beads are too small. I think the credit-card sized rosary by Everyday Prayer Co. takes this idea of these smaller “Scout Rosaries” to create a prayer tool that is portable but practical. The practicality of rosaries is important because something that is portable but doesn’t serve its purpose well is not ideal.

Note also too, the rounded corners on The Rosary Card. There is practicality here too: the rounded corners not only prevent puncturing of your wallet or pant pocket overtime, but it also allows for a better grip and fit of the rosary in your hand. Even with a standard beaded rosary, do you ever grasp the beads in the palm of your hand, clinging tight to them before or after the rosary in a spirit of personal prayer? I certainly do, and you can do the same, if not, in a more practical way with The Rosary Card.

As mentioned, these rosaries are credit card sized, meaning that for one thing, they will fit into your wallet very well. I have a black leather wallet that has a separate front compartment. I dedicate that compartment to some holy cards, a Sacred Heart of Jesus badge, and now, also an Everyday Prayer Co. rosary. You can have this rosary slipped in alongside other day-to-day ID cards in your wallet, and in fact, have it serve as an ID for you along the way of Christian life, witnessing to the fact that You are disciple of Jesus Christ, a warrior of prayer. For those who pray the breviary, these rosaries are good for slipping into the inside of your breviary cover. I never tried this, but if you have carabiner, I would be able to hook one on to one of the “beads,” and attach it to your backpack. Unlike a plastic tag, I would not be concerned with the rosary “ripping off” as it is made of metal. Another way is the simplest: slip it into your pocket: your pant pocket, shirt pocket, vest pocket… In short, this rosary is going to be the thinnest and most durable rosary that you can carry anywhere. If you prefer to use the “classic” bead rosaries, you might still want to carry one of these on you. You might be on a pilgrimage and want to pray with a prayer companion who may not have a rosary. In that case, pull this pocket rosary out, and let your friend borrow it with much ease.

The Card Rosary has such a practical design and reverent feel to it… I don’t know if I would change anything. It is slim and cool. You might pull it out of your wallet to pray, and might be asked questions by a curious person… maybe such a conversation could start on a secular University campus. These prayer tools, then, become a tool for evangelization that would be inititated in very casual conversations.

A suggestion I would give to Everyday Prayer Co., would be to consider having a variety of designs in the centre. Perhaps, in place of the Marian Monogram, there could be a design that features a silhouette of a crucifix, something similar to this? Maybe another consideration is to have a designs that feature a silouette of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and/or the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I think a wider variety of designs would give customers more choice to choose from, and more room for customization. However, I realize there are limits on the size on what can or cannot be done on a credit-card sized piece of metal. Too intricate designs might weaken the metal, compromising the rosary’s durability.

Keep a reminder to pray close to you – The Rosary Card can serve as such reminder every time you use your wallet, or feel it in your pant pocket.

Thank you Brennan Costello for the opportunity to feature The Rosary Card in this review. May God bless you and the staff at Everyday Prayer Co.

Check out The Rosary Card here at Everyday Prayer Co.

Disclaimer: Vincent Pham was provided a sample The Rosary Card for an honest review of it on this blog. The Catholic Man Reviews thanks Everyday Prayer Co. for the opportunity for us to review The Rosary Card on our blog and look forward to future collaborations. All thoughts and opinions expressed in here are our own and reflect our sincere thoughts about the product.

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