About the Blog

Mission: The Catholic Man Reviews (T.C.M. Reviews) was launched not simply to review Catholic products. It is a tool of 21st century evangelization and promote the use of Catholic books, media and products.

Description: The Catholic Man Reviews (T.C.M. Reviews) is a Catholic Products Review blog which is moderated by Vincent Pham (sometimes referred to some of his friends as “The Catholic Man”).This blog was created to promote the reading of Catholic books and the use of Catholic materials in everyday life. He reviews Catholic materials such as books, media and films taking consideration not only its physical quality, but its spiritual quality too, such as its agreement with the Catholic Faith, the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat and other Catholic features.


About “The Catholic Man”

Vincent PhamProfile, is the moderator of The Catholic Man Reviews blog. He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario and studies at Chaminade College School Toronto. Vincent has a great love for the Catholic Faith and is an active member at Vietnamese Martyrs’ Parish through participation in Altar-Serving, the Youth Choir, the Eucharistic Youth Movement and other Catholic youth activities. He also has a special love for the Liturgy and tries his best to show reverence to the Liturgy according to the guidelines of the Catholic Church. Besides his Parish ministry, he also enjoys prayer card collecting, coin collecting and stamp collecting.

Vincent’s nickname, “The Catholic Man” came to be because of his unique Instagram name. However, to Vincent, it is “not a name to promote any fame or any sort of promotion”. Rather, to him, it is a simple nickname that is honest: He is just a young man who is simply a baptized Catholic, who is a sinner but strives to follow Jesus. He also has a personal website, www.vincent-pham.tk.