Mission: The Catholic Man Reviews (T.C.M. Reviews) was launched not simply to review Catholic products. It is a tool of 21st century evangelization and promote the use of Catholic books, media and products. We also strive to find services and organizations that will be of help to Catholic and Christian organizations in their faith needs.

Description: The Catholic Man Reviews (T.C.M. Reviews) is a Catholic Products Review blog which is moderated by Vincent Pham (sometimes referred to some of his friends as “The Catholic Man”). This blog was created to promote the reading of Catholic books and the use of Catholic materials in everyday life. He reviews Catholic materials such as books, media, films and services that will be of help for Catholics. He also features services and organizations that serve the wider community in various aspects and may be of help to Catholic and Christian communities.

Vincent Pham (The Catholic Man)

Founder, Moderator, Blogger

Vincent Pham currently resides in Toronto, Ontario and is a fourth-year humanities undergraduate student at the University of Toronto’s Trinity College double-majoring in the Ethics, Society and Law program and Philosophy program, along with a minor in Christianity and Culture. He is an alumnus of Chaminade College School (Class of 2019).
Vincent has a great passion for the Catholic faith and has a special love for Catholic Liturgy and tries his best to show reverence to the Liturgy according to the guidelines of the Catholic Church. This is most evident in The Liturgy Series on this blog. Having served two years as part-time sacristan at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica of the Archdiocese of Toronto, he is now Liturgical Master of Ceremonies at his home parish, Vietnamese Martyrs Parish, Toronto.
Vincent’s nickname, “The Catholic Man” came to be because of his unique Instagram handle. However, to Vincent, it is “not a name to promote any fame or any sort of promotion”. Rather, to him, it is a simple nickname that is honest: He is just a young man who is a baptized Catholic, who is merely a sinner but strives to follow Jesus. He also has a personal blog, www.vincent-pham.tk.

Ivy Pham


Ivy Pham is The Catholic Man’s sister and has been a reviewer on The Catholic Man Reviews since 2018. With an artistic eye, Ivy has been reviewing a number of products through the artistic lens. 
Ivy shares few things in common with her brother, but can also be found in disagreement with his brother about many things at times.  The dramatic contrast brings colour to the lives of those around them, especially for reviewing purposes on The Catholic Man Reviews.
She is currently an undergraduate Life Sciences student at the University of Toronto.


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