Book Review: SINNER by Lino Rulli


I have only known of Lino Rulli, “The Catholic Guy”, host of “The Catholic Guy Show” on Sirius XM only a little more than two years ago. I learned of Lino Rulli through a video of him and Catholic artist Steve Angrisano singing a newly composed country song, “Lord, You Make Me Smile,” on Facebook in November of 2015. Clicking on Lino Rulli’s Facebook page led me to a whole new window of Catholic media. Since then, I have listened to some Catholic Guy podcasts which not only informed people about Catholicism, but did so in a comedic way. I wish many Catholics could have the same comedic style of Lino Rulli.

Stories aside, I received a review copy of Lino Rulli’s first book, Sinner: The Catholic Guy’s Funny, Feeble Attempts to Be a Faithful Catholic. It just seemed like a very funny and interesting title and indeed it was!

Sinner is a book I think every Catholic can connect with. If not, then contact the Pope to canonize you!

Seriously, we all stumble in the path of Christian life. However, Lino Rulli , like everyone else is a Catholic who stumbles along the way but stand back up again. The question we should ask ourselves is, “When I fail, do I try again or do I give up?”

Sinner is consisted of 26 chapters, each recounting a different story of his life from childhood to his adulthood. Rulli makes it evident that being Catholic does not mean you are automatically a saint. It takes time, patience, virtues and mistakes in order to improve.

Each story allows me to connect to my own life. I have had many funny ecclesiastical experiences throughout my years of ministry at the Church. Reading Rulli’s stories assure me that even though I may fail, I am not alone and that there are people like myself who strive for sainthood each and everyday.

Reading Sinner also gave me more context to what Lino is saying on The Catholic Man Show. Having read Sinner, some of the things I listen to makes sense as Lino often connects aspects of his personal life on the show.

Sinner is not a theologically complex book, unlike some reads such as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Last Testament: In His Own Word with Peter Seewald. That language used in that book seems to be a little more challenging to understand at points. Reading Sinner, I can actually imagine Lino reading the book as the way he writes seems to fit his personality.

I also enjoyed the section Through the Years with Lino Rulli located in the middle of the book. It is a short photo album of toddler Lino to adult Lino. This seems to bring the text alive and to prove that what Rulli is saying, is true.

To sum up this short review for one of the shortest books I have reviewed on The Catholic Man ReviewsSinner is a very relatable book for every Catholic.

On The Catholic Man’s Scale

★★★★★ 5/5

Lino Rulli also has a sequel to SinnerSaint, Why I Should Be Canonized Right Away. Seems contradicting to Sinner? I don’t know… perhaps I’ll get a review copy of it someday.

Purchase Sinner here from Franciscan Media. 

Visit Lino Rulli’s website here.







Book Review: YouCat Bible

YouCat Bible review

Note: Happy New Year! The Catholic Man would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the publishers and companies who have sent review copies and samples of their products this past 2017 year. Each product is a surprise and each one has blown me away. I guarantee you that The Catholic Man Reviews offers the most honest reviews. I am currently reviewing many of the books and products received. Many of them had been read or tested with personal notes alongside. The reviews will be thoroughly written and posted once completed. 

The category of books that takes the longest amount of time to review are Bibles. Though they may be time-consuming but each review copy allows me a chance for me to be immersed into the Word of God. Each Bible reviewed here on The Catholic Man Reviews is unique.

Today, I sit down to write this review of a Bible for youth released last year in its English translation, the YouCat Bible. Based on the 2015 YouCat Bible in the German language, the YouCat Bible in English is based on the Revised Standard Version (RSV) Catholic translation.

But first, let’s find out what YouCat even stands for. YouCat is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church. Eventually, it has become a series of catechetical materials for youth, consists not only of the YouCat catechism, but also a Youth Prayer BookConfirmation handbookDoCat (Social Teachings of the Church) and now a Bible. In the near future, a YouCat Confession book will be released.

YouCat Bible does not lack the elements seen in other books of the YouCat series, inlcluding notes and quotes in the margins and its youthful stick-figure illustrations. However, it does contain many standard Study Bible elements.

As you flip to the second page of the Bible, you find a two page spread of the Overview of Bible History, leading you through the key events and time period of major Biblical Figures of the Old Testament.

The YouCat Bible also contains a preface by Pope Francis. In the preface, Pope Francis speaks a language very close to the youth. “I love my old Bible, which has been with me for half my life,” Pope Francis said. This shows how much love he has for the Word of God and how much meaning there is behind the  Bible in a personal way for him. “Do you want to make me happy?”, he asks, “Read the Bible.”

In the margins, there are very short Biblical commentaries that may (1) Reference a specific quote from another book of the Bible, (2)Expands on the historical context of a Bible text, (3) Define a certain term, or (4) Connects the reader to an event or situation in today’s world to give the reader better understanding. There are also relevant quotes from saints and other religious figures that reflect a Bible text. Coloured photographs are also scattered throughout Bible bringing life to the texts.

The margins also includes notes that lead the reader to parts of the YouCat. Often, in YouCat reference notes, there are actually questions that prompt the reader to reflect and ponder. YouCat catechism is a good companion to have while reading the YouCat Bible.

There are also maps, though they are not as detailed as the ones in the Oxford Catholic Study Bible as this Bible is for youth. These maps are drawn in the same style as the stick figure illustrations which I found quite interesting. I do enjoy the simplicity of these maps. They seem to go “right to the point”, especially the one of The Journeys of St. Paul, a map I have seen in many Catholic Bibles.

Before most Biblical books, there is a short introduction that outlines the main events in the Book and outlines the significance of the events. This gives the reader some context of what the book is about which I find quite helpful. Some smaller chapters like Lamentations of Jeremiah and the Book Baruch contain a very short introduction that do not take up a full page like the other books.

Though there are many good features with the YouCat Bible, unfortunately, I have to honestly say it has drawn to me some disappointment, but it is partially my fault for not reading things carefully. When I requested a review copy, I never paid close attention that ti was only an, “introduction to the Bible with selected biblical texts”. At first when the Bible came to my doorstep, I expected a full thick Bible like the many others I have received to review. I expected it to be at least the size of The Catholic Children’s Bible by St. Mary’s Press, which is a full Bible for children.

Probably the thing that I found misleading was the sub-title, Youth Bible of the Catholic Church. I thought to myself that if it were a Youth Bible of the Catholic Church, then it should be a full Bible. It would be better in my opinion, to put in the cover, “Bible – Abridged”.

John 3:16 is said to be one the most popular Bible verse. It has even been said so by Kyle Heimann (if I’m not mistaken) at Steubenville Toronto 2016 . Curious, I turn to the Gospel of John in the YouCat Bible. I saw excerpt chapter 1, excerpt of chapter 2, but skipped to an excerpt of chapter chapter 4. Chapter 3 of John was simply summarized in a couple sentences. I saw this as a surprise as if John 3:16 is a popular verse, then it must bear significance to people.


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On The Catholic Man’s Scale

★★★☆☆ 3/5

I really enjoy the appearance of the YouCat Bible, its colours and layout. Honestly though, I was disappointed that the “Youth Bible of the Catholic Church” is only an abridged bible.

The YouCat Bible would be recommended for youth who are new to the Catholic Church or have never picked up a Bible before. The YouCat Bible would be a good beginner’s Bible.

I hope the YouCat foundation and Ignatius Press can have a full “Youth Bible of the Catholic Church” one day with in depth commentaries and features in the margins for youth.


Product Review: Catholic Saint Flash Drives

Image result for Catholic USB

It seems like USB flash drives have become a thing of the past, gearing towards cloud storage. For me, I still prefer the good o’l USB to carry around my files which is good for use in places where there is no internet connection.

The Deo Gratias Company has brought USBs to a whole different level. The company has developed a whole line of USBs with different designs of saints. The USB itself is small, but has a PVC casing to it. There are about 15 different USB character subjects. Each USB is carefully designed. I admired how the USBs were not only designed on the front, but also on the back of each subject too.

Deo Gratias sent me three samples (thank you) which consisted of the Sacred Heart, St. Michael and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I liked how every one came attached to a lobster clasp. I have USBs that came with a small hole to hang it off a jump ring or lanyard. Some, though have a small hole that I had to attach a small ring of wire in order to hang it on a lanyard. The clasp is surely handy to clip it on a lanyard or your keys.

Most of the USBs featured on the site is 16 gb, some are 8 gb but the ones sent to me were all 16 gb. 16 gb I find is more than enough to store files for school and presentations. I have owned USBs that were 8gb and as low as 1gb. I have used them all up over time and haven’t found time to clean them up. With 16 gb, I have more space to play around with.

I really liked how detailed the designs featured on the USBs are. The Sacred Heart USB even featured the wounds of Christ which are small but included. The St. Michael USB is action filled, with Michael defeating Satan. Every time I glance at the St. Michael USB, the St. Michael Prayer (St. Michael, defend us in battle, be our defense against the wickedness…) always comes to mind. That is what sacramentals are supposed to do. They are to serve as reminders of the saints who lead you to God.

A down side I have found is the size of the the USB. The height I don’t find as a problem. However, the width is my biggest concern. A USB, once plugged in can take up to 3 USB slots or 2 slots if I plug it on the outside port (see pictures). The St. Michael USB was not too bad, but a bit difficult to plug in another USB or another USB-powered device on the port beside it, but bearable. However, for ones that have a larger width such as the Guadalupe USB, it can take up to 3 USB slots. That would be of convenience, especially if used the USB ports on my laptop which has limited USB ports. If new stock of USBs were to be made, I think it would be appropriate to somehow make the width smaller.

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On The Catholic Man’s Scale

★★★★☆ 4/5

Deo Gratia’s USBs makes such great stocking stuffers for the Holiday Season!

Purchase some here in time for Christmas Holidays.

Book Review: Liturgy 101

Note: As Christmas draws near, The Catholic Man will be updating this site with a lot of new reviews and ideas for Christmas gifts! Stay tuned for more reviews of books and stocking stuffers!  

Image result for Liturgy 101

The Liturgy is the ultimate prayer of the Church, in which practicing Catholics part-take in some form the the Liturgy at least once per week through the Celebration of the Eucharist. From time to time, we go to confession, attend baptisms, weddings… Sacramental celebrations sprinkled here and there in our calendar. Yet, do we understand what we do? Or do we just go through the celebration of the Liturgy just to party with family and friends after the celebration?

I think it is important for Catholics to understand the actions and the meaning behind all the gestures and sacramentals used at a celebration of a sacrament. Understanding what we do at the liturgy is so important as it draws us closer to the focus of the Liturgy which is Christ Himself.

At first, when I read the title, Liturgy 101, I knew that it was dealing with the basics of Liturgy. To me, any book with 101 in its title seems eye-catching and often a simple read. Liguori Press has several books in its 101 series in including Scripture 101, Mass 101, Trinity 101 and many other 101 Catechetical titles.

Each 101 series book is written by a different author and this one, Liturgy 101 was written by Daniel G. Van Slyke, STL, PhD. He is an associate professor of church history at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. He holds a docorate in historical theology from St. Louis University.

Dr. Van Slyke uses very simple language throughout the book. He does not start with anything too fancy or hard to understand. In chapter 1, he discusses about the basics of Catholic Worship including the definition and brief history of Liturgy. Dr. Van Slyke also talks about the components of the celebration of the sacraments. There are of course reference of liturgy from the Bible. As fact I never knew before, Rite and rite means two different things in liturgy and Dr. Van Slyke explained this clear and well.

A feature that I like about this book are the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. The book would be great if used as a group such as in a Parish’s Liturgy committee gathering/retreat.

I also like the abbreviations and sources available at the end of each chapter rather than the end of the book. Sometimes as I read, I encounter an abbreviation citing a certain book or document. If they were all at the end of a book (in most cases), I would have to search through a long list. Each chapter only has the abbreviation of that chapter which makes it easy to search for an abbreviation. Beneath the abbreviations and sources, there is a section ‘for further reading’. It includes book and documents in which the reader can read if they would like to learn more as Liturgy 101 only talks about the basic principles of liturgy.

Reading Liturgy 101, I really like how simple the texts are. They are not just pages and pages of 12 pt text but divided with clear headings. Its layout is somewhat like a classroom textbook. In lists, the idea is bolded and then expanded on in a concise format.

The title of the book is Liturgy 101 Sacraments and Sacramentals. I thought at first that the book would include a full chapter on the sacramentals such as blessed candles from Candlemas or the brown scapular. However, it seemed like the term sacramentals only refers to the ones used in the celebration of the sacraments such as the Baptismal white garment or the oil of the sick, etc.

Overall, I think Liturgy 101 is a good read for someone who just want to learn more about the sacraments of the Catholic Church. It is simple in language but will impact the way you celebrate the sacraments.

You may purchase the book from Liguori Press. 


Guest Review: The NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

Image result for niv beautiful word coloring bibleNote from The Catholic Man (Vincent Pham): This is a special review. I have invited my sister to collaborate with me in The Catholic Man Reviews as I have many great materials under review. Ivy is my sister, a year younger than me and she enjoys art ( Therefore this colouring bible seemed to be a good fit for her to review. 

I am happy to be allowed the opportunity to write a review on this Bible.  The NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible is one of the many options offered by Zondervan if you want a more creative take on a Bible.  The dust jacket (the decorated paper wrapped around the cover; also known as book jacket, dust wrapper, or dust cover) is beautifully decorated (figure 1), and there is another page near the beginning that is the same, but without colour.  In figure 2, you can see that I tried to recreate the outer cover on the page inside.  

Once the dust jacket is removed, you can see the actual cover.  Many books with a dust jacket have a cover that looks like the dust jacket, or a plain cover.  The cover of this Bible was beautifully designed, and it was completely different from the dust jacket (figure 3).  If you prefer removing the dust jacket, but don’t like the plain cover that is left behind, you would like this extra touch.  

The end pages are well adhered to the cover.  They are centred well and the design from the dust jacket was also incorporated here.  The end page at the front will be useful if you intend on giving the Bible to someone (figure 4).  

Flipping through the Bible, there aren’t many pages where there is nothing to colour, and most of those with no designs have faint lines.  They allow you to decorate that page however you like.  I enjoy drawing, so that is appreciated.  Personally, I think being able to design a number of pages completely on my own is what really makes this Bible a journaling Bible rather than just a colouring Bible (figure 5).  

There is a lot of diversity in terms of the different designs in the book, and you could tell it was group effort.  All of the artists were also credited on the end page at the back which I love (figure 6).  There are different levels of difficulty, so you can choose which one you want to colour depending on the amount of time and patience you have.  Many of the designs are placed along the margin which are about an 1.5 inches wide,and there is an additional half inch border going all the way around the page.  As you can imagine, that isn’t a very large space to work with, so many have relatively small or thin detailing.  It would be in your best interest to keep a sharpener within arms reach while colouring in this Bible (I prefer a knife;  your pencil crayons won’t shrink so quickly if you sharpen with a knife, and you can control the sharpness).    There are no maps of the Holy Land or other places mentioned throughout the Bible, which are commonly found in Bibles, but there is a conversion table on the last page (figure 7).  If you have ever wondered what a unit of measurement used in the Bible is equal to in modern units, this can be quite handy.  A nice touch if you ask me.  

The NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible is the NIV (New International Version) translation.  Unfortunately that is the only translation it comes in.  I would have prefered the Bible to have come in a Catholic translation (NRSV-CE, NABRE, RSV-CE, etc.), but unfortunately, that wasn’t an option.  It is sold at for $39.99.  The Beautiful Word Bible is printed in full colour and it is available in NIV, KJV (King James Version) and NKJV (New King James James Version).  If you don’t like colouring, but also want illustrations in your Bible, you would like this.  There are still lines for you to create your own art in the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible (figure 8).  There is also a note takers version available in NIV, NASB (New American Standard Bible), NKJV, KJV, and AMB (Amplified Bible) and versions for girls.  All versions are hardcovers or leather covers, both faux and genuine.  If you want to check any of those out, they are on the Zondervan website.  I don’t know how your copy will be packaged, but my review copy came in a box- and tonnes of paper.  I didn’t take a picture but the box was quite a bit bigger than the actual Bible, and it was well wrapped in plenty of paper.  It meant you got an unscathed Bible, plus a week’s worth of recycling.  Be prepared, just in case.  

Beware if anyone has gotten frustrated about the incredibly thin paper used in Bibles and dictionaries, because this Bible is no different.  It’s understandable, considering the amount of space that was used for illustrations and lines rather than words.  This also means that you can see many of the drawings on the other side.  The thickness of the paper practically guarantees any marker would bleed through.  If you press too hard, you will “dent” the paper underneath.  Just a few things to keep in mind.  

I am a very different person than my brother, so the way I do my reviews are also different.  I don’t like listing off all the features of a product, nor do I rate things on a scale from 0 to 5.  If you read through everything, looked at the pictures and liked the way it looks and sounds, then this is something you may consider purchasing for someone if not yourself.  I hope you found this review helpful!  

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Review: Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints by Joan Carroll Cruz

Eucharistic Miracles: And Eucharistic Phenomenon in the Lives of the SaintsI have received many books to review this Summer and time seems to be flying so quickly! Going from book to book, summer is almost over. However, The Catholic Man Reviews is committed to delivering to you quality Catholic Reviews and will continue to do so.

TAN Books kindly sent me a copy of one of their books which I have always wanted to read but couldn’t find a copy of it in any Toronto Public Library branch. The book is titled, Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints by Joan Carroll Cruz. I have read a title by Joan Carroll Cruz some time ago called, See How She Loves Us: 50 Approved Apparitions of Our Lady. From what I have read so far and looking through all of her titles, I just love how many of the books she wrote are all about miracles in the Catholic Church. I hope to read many more of her books in the future.

Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints is a book for those who are interested and has a strong devotion to the Eucharist. Personally, I have a great love for the Church’s Liturgy and I reflected on the Sacrament of the Eucharist focusing on the fact of Jesus’ true presence in the Eucharist.

A Eucharistic miracle I have known of for quite some is the miracle of Lanciano. To no surprise to me, the miracle was the first chapter of the book. However, in this book, Cruz goes a little more deeper into the story of the miracle and the aftermath of the relic. Also featured are detailed black and white pictures of the miracle.

Most of the miracles in the book I have never even heard of before such as the miracle Braine, France or the miracle of Macerata, Italy… just so many I have never even heard of before. Close to 40 Eucharistic Miracles are gathered in this book, 32 of which are chapters, dedicated to a specific miracle. Chapter 33 recalls lesser known miracles in which only little information is known about them.

Scattered throughout the book are black and white images of the Eucharistic Relics themselves, some with close-up detail of the relics. This feature was interesting. Sometimes, we take pictures for granted. But to look at pictures of the relics, bring the story of the miracles to life.

Part two of the book is all about “Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints”. This  section seemed interesting as I didn’t know much Eucharistic Phenomena in the lives of different saints. There were numerous stories compiled in this section. Each type of phenomena were categorized in a different section. Reading the book, I saw the chapter levitation to be the most interesting of them all. Also, reading these phenomena, one can see how deeply devoted these saints are to God and how deep they can fall in prayer. This is simply amazing!

Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints by Joan Carroll Cruz is indeed a book that would interest every Catholic, especially those who have a great devotion to the Eucharist!

Purchase the book here from TAN books: (print copy)


Review: Catholic Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards.jpg

Catholics must have these stuffed everywhere in their prayer books, or stuffed in a box… those are prayer cards or also called holy cards. I myself have collected them over the years and currently have over 500 prayer cards in a box.

Probably many have at least one of those common prayer cards from the Italian Fratelli Bonella company from Milan. Their cards are sold all around the world. However, today I’d like to review a different company that produces prayer cards. The family run business, is run by the Bond Family. Over the years, they have produced about 500 different designs of prayer cards, about $0.35 USD each. They also do personalized Holy Cards at for special occasions such as First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Ordinations, Funerals… almost any occasion you can think of! All again, inexpensively priced… affordable. Catholic Prayer Cards also carry a wide range Christmas and Easter cards, Saint medals from Italy, rosary parts (for rosary makers), cigars, nuts and even honey! Catholic Prayer Cards also has a “Donate to Mission” program, in which one can donate Holy Cards at a price of only 3 cents per card.

I was blessed to receive a sampler pack of 75 of prayer cards from Catholic Prayer Cards. The sampler contains Catholic Prayer Cards’ “75 most popular holy cards in a convenient clear plastic case”. I was thrilled when the package came in the mail (with tracking number).

The prayer cards are fairly small, the size of a regular business card (3.5″ x 2″). Each prayer card is printed in full colour, front and back and have a glossy protective film on both sides, similar to a deluxe business card. It is printed on fairly sturdy cardstock.

I looked through each and every prayer card and loved looking at the classic Catholic art pieces such as the popular Trinity Icon by Andrei Rublev, and a famous depiction of Mary, Our Lady of the Angels by William Bouguerau. I liked how not all the prayer cards were of portait orientation, but many are of landscape orientation, which allows art of landscape orientation to be reproduced beautifully. Some cards contain images of Christ, and the Blessed Virgin Mary while many are of different saints. There are saints and blesseds whom I have never heard before such as Bl. Imelda Lambertini. I assume that these sampler packs are updated from time to time because I saw a prayer card of St. Teresa of Calcutta (with the title of St.) and she was just canonized late 2016.

Some of the prayer cards don’t contain prayer but contain lists (like the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit), or a short biography of a saint or quotes from a particular saint. The front contains an image, beautifully reproduced.

I really like the size of the prayer cards. They fit the pocket of my wallet perfectly. What I would suggest as part of a morning routine is to put all of these prayer cards in a basket and before you go to school or work, to pick out a prayer card from the basket and pray that prayer throughout the day and meditate on the piece of sacred art on the front. It is an easy way to get into the habit of prayer if one cannot pray for long periods of time.

If one wanted to purchase Holy Cards that are of good quality and inexpensive, I would recommend From what I see, these cards will last be for a long time and their customer service is reliable!

As special thanks to the Bond Family for sending me a sampler of your prayer cards to review on The Catholic Man Reviews.

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On The Catholic Man Scale

Customer service: ★★★★★ 5/5

Delivery to Canada from U.S.A.: ★★★★★ 5/5

Holy Cards quality: ★★★★★ 5/5

Please visit to learn more about their products!

Totally Catholic Tees T-Shirts Review

Totally Catholic Tees

***All images used throughout this review, except for those used in the slideshow are from***

Summer time is here and The Catholic Man has quite of few product reviews to be published, so stay tuned!

I have recently received four t-shirt from Totally Catholic Tees. In my wardrobe, I have a lot of t-shirts from various Catholic events such as camps, conferences etc. I never had a non-event Catholic t-shirt before. I have seen many Catholic t-shirts worn at events such as the Lift Jesus Higher Rally in Toronto and Steubenville Toronto… those Catholic events. Do I see such t-shirts worn outside? Rarely. However, I believe that Catholic t-shirts are a form of evangelization. Many like to wear t-shirts with superhero logos such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman… Why are Catholics ashamed to wear a t-shirt that bears the image or symbol of the ultimate superhero Jesus?

Totally Catholic Tees is a Catholic t-Shirt business that has been running for over 20 years. Its head are Sam and Tracy and they too had in mind the theme of evangelization when opening their business. According to their bio, “Sam is a pretty big guy and he used that to his advantage and wore christian t-shirts everywhere he went. What he really wanted was to share his particularly deep Catholic faith, but no one was making catholic t-shirts and if they were they were poor quality and had “cheesy” messages.” That is no longer the case with Totally Catholic Tees’ birth. Today, their website sells dozens of different Catholic designs of t-shirts, all “cool” designs, pleasing to today’s fashion. Besides t-shirts, Totally Catholic Tees also has girly tees, a variety of hoodies and so far a Catholic canvas cinch sac. Also, if you go to a Catholic Conference, be sure to keep an eye out for a group with t-shirts by Totally Catholic Tees as they also customize designs at a discounted rate for retreats, confirmation program gifts, parish fundraisers, World Youth Day pilgrimages, diocesan conferences, etc. The last time I contacted them, they were busy for Steubenville Conferences season.

Now on to the t-shirts themselves… As I mentioned earlier, Totally Catholic Tees sent me four different t-shirts, adult male, medium size. When I first opened the package, I was amazed at the different designs.

  1. IACblack-front.pngI Am Catholic Premium Tee – This was probably my most favourite design. I received a lot of great feedback with this t-shirt. This t-shirt was simple in design and really shows one’s pride to be Catholic. The site describes this t-shirt as, “A simple front with a graphic of the Eucharist as the “i”. On the back our signature “I Believe” with the creed.” When I took off my sweater and some guys I was working with saw the t-shirt, they said, “Wow, bold statement!” Indeed, I would say so… Are we ready and proud to say, “I AM CATHOLIC”? Or are we scared that people would make fun of us? The back contains the Nicene Creed. The Creed forms the letter I with the word BELIEVE in the background. I really liked this design!
  2. SPWnavy-front.pngSpiritual Warfare Premium Tee – This one was of very interesting and cool design. The website’s description on this t-shirt, “On the Front “Spiritual Warfare” with the Crucified Christ as a sword with the words armor of God underneath. On the back the same sword with the scripture quote from Ephesians, “put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil”. It was interesting how the quote from Ephesians was incorporated into such a cool graphic design. A proverb said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The graphic made me reflect on the bible verse for quite some time. As Catholics, we are called to defend the Church and that is what this t-shirt reminds me. Are we willing to be martyrs for Christ? Are we willing to be humiliated because of our faith? When I put on this t-shirt, that is what I ask myself.
  3. I Can DAllThingsapplegreen-front.pngo All Things Premium Tee – I am not a big fan of green, I would of had preferred the navy-blue one but it was worth trying a new Catholic t-shirt. Besides, the Spiritual Warfare t-shirt was navy blue! Different from the other shirts was that this t-shirt was made up of a more light fabric while the other t-shirts were printed on the tradition cotton t-shirts. The shirt’s description as on the website, “Front left chest: I can do all things… on back a great cross design with the full scripture quote from Philippians 4:13.” I liked how this one had a design on the front left chest for a change. I really liked the design of the cross on the back with Philippians 4:13 which corresponds to the graphic on the front, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Life gets tough at times and there are moments when one may feel like giving up, especially at work and at school. Yet, this t-shirts gives one that boost for the day. It serves that Christ is with them at all times and that He felt the same tiredness, same pains, and the same happiness as us.
  4. ROCKgray.pngApostolic Succession Premium Tee – This is one of the t-shirts you would want if you had a Catechism test on the chronology of Popes and you’ll see why. “A cool vintage design THE ROCK overlaying the list of popes from St. Peter to Pope Francis. Representing with the keys and the scripture notation Matt. 16:18 (You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church…) Apostolic Succession since XXXIII A. D.” I wore the shirt one day and explained how it had the name of every Pope from the first Pope, St. Peter to the 266th Pope today, Pope Francis. All 266 names are fitted onto the square. Need a name of a Pope on a test? Count all the Popes from St. Peter! (Just kidding 🙂 ) This t-shirt serves as a reminder to pray for the Pope as he is the shepherd of the whole Catholic Church. He must face serious issues in the Church everyday and we need to pray that he may succeed in solving such issues. We also pray that the Pope can lead the Church always in faith, hope and charity.

Picture time!!! (Apologize that these pictures are not of highest quality… these pictures doesn’t do the t-shirts justice! Visit for the highest quality images of their products.)

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On The Catholic Man’s Scale (products and services)

Customer Service (via e-mail): ★★★★★

Duration of order to delivery: ★★★★★ (not long as expected!)

Staff: ★★★★★

Care in packaging: ★★★★★ 

Trustworthiness: ★★★★★

Items arrived as expected: ★★★★★

T-shirt quality: (have to wear them much longer to know the quality)

T-shirt designs: ★★★★★

Honestly, I have to say that Totally Catholic Tees have one of the best Catholic t-shirt designs up in the market right now. The messages are straight forward and perfect for 21st century evangelization. After reading this review and you would like to put on a couple Catholic t-shirts, visit and checkout their cool Catholic apparel store!


Review: The Catholic Man Backpack by 4Imprint

Image result for 4imprint logoThis must be one of the coolest items ever reviewed on The Catholic Man Reviews and therefore took some time to review. Through the generosity of 4Imprint Canada, a promotional products company, I was given an Atlas Laptop Backpack with my The Catholic Man logo embroidered on it with the promise that I would review on my website. For years, I have been thinking of opening a store full of items such as T-Shirts and Hoodies with The Catholic Man logo imprinted on it and potentially design a logo for females (just have to think of a cool Catholic name for ladies. If you have one, please contact me)!

I have always desired to have a backpack that would be suitable for retreats and for travel outside of school so to be able to carry a laptop and Liturgical texts and items in a dignified manner. I was scrolling through and was amazed by their great selection of not just any plain backpacks but specifically laptop backpacks. Looking into laptop bags, I found the atlas laptop backpack which was looked simple and would suit my needs. I contacted 4Imprint and was able to get my very own The Catholic Man Backpack. I was very impressed with the design and quality. At first, I sent in a request for a screen printed logo. However, with one of its representive’s reccommendations, an embroidered logo was done instead in white.

The backpack itself has helped me a lot in many tasks. I often use those messenger laptop bags which I used throughout all of my trip to Brisbane, Australia which was inconvenient since the bag alone was of too much weight and I had to carry the weight on one of my shoulders or carry it in my hands. A backpack allows the weight to be spread out evenly. The backpack I received was very light. It also fit my HP 255 Laptop which is very useful when I have to bring my laptop somewhere. I also use the backpack to carry my alb and other Liturgical gadgets for altar serving. Recently, I have used the bag during meetings at the Parish Youth Group and it has pulled the attention of quite a few members, wondering how I got the bag branded. I have brought it to retreats and hope to use it on my next overseas trip (if it does happen soon). I have attached a few lapel pins and a couple keychains that I have received from many people I have met through conferences and retreats.

On The Catholic Man’s Scale

★★★★★ 5/5

A backpack that is now my “missionary backpack”. To me, it will be a great tool for evangelization and reminds me of my call to be a faithful Catholic wherever I go.

A big thank you to 4Imprint for your generosity.

If you think you would like to see a The Catholic Man bag or merchandise in your hands, comment below and we might start a The Catholic Man store!

Considering a promotion campaign? Visit to know more and search their products!

Review: Our Sunday Visitor’s Daily Roman Missal, 7th Edition

Daily Roman Missal COVERT

Note: It has been more than a month since TCM’s last review. However, the Daily Roman Missal took some time to review. TCM reviews books by the order they arrive in. Therefore, some books may take longer than others to review and the number of reviews published per month may not be consistent. Thank you for understanding. 

One book I have wanted to review for a long time was the Daily Roman Missal, 7th Edition. The wish finally came true months ago (end of February 2017) when a FedEx package came from Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) with a copy of the Daily Roman Missal, 7th Edition, burgundy bonded leather edition. I was thrilled and carefully opened the Missal. The Missal is published by both OSV and Midwest Theological Forum (MTF) in which I have reviewed their Manual of Prayers months ago on this blog. The Daily Roman Missal was put together by Fr. James Socias, a priest of the prelature of Opus Dei. He also compiled the Handbook of Prayers

I was impressed first of all with the size of the Missal. When the Missal came, I expected it to be a little bit larger, especially because the Missal contained the readings and other prayers, not just the prayers of the Roman Missal. There are several edition of the Missal. The edition provided to me by OSV was the burgundy padded bonded-leather cover. I really like the feel of the padded cover and the bonded leather… it’s really nice to hold in your hands. The Missal was printed in Italy, the country where many Catholic articles come from such as rosaries and Holy Cards (especially the Fratelli Bonella Holy Cards… my favourite!).

Opening the Missal, I was a bit disappointed at how thin the pages of the Missal were. As you flip through the slideshow (below), you may see so. However, I think this is understandable as this Missal is thick (composed of 2514 pages). If it used the same paper as the Manual of Prayers, the book would be HEAVY like a brick! The six ribbons were neatly tucked into the pages (for the purpose of packing). The ribbons were of six different colours and neatly burned so the ends would not frey. Books by Midwest Theological Forum always provide an adequate number of ribbons. Its Manual of Prayers had two ribbons… more than enough for a prayer book. I used The Catholic Company’s  tutorial video.

The pages are gilded in gold. When I unwrapped the missal from the shrinkwrapped, I liked how the gilded edges were simply… shiny! They reflected the light beautifully. However, the top gilding in the corner where the ribbons are attached, it becomes worn out due to the rubbing of the ribbon against the edges of the missal (see image in slideshow).

The text… the most important part of the Missal! The text is printed in two colours: red and black, the colours one would see when using any Roman Missal. The red are the rubrics, instructions for the priest and the congregation. The text size of the readings and the Mass texts are about 12pt while the Latin text and other texts are of 10pt font. If I am not mistaken, the text is of Palatino Linotype, a font I really like to use because of its readability.

A feature that I love about this Missal is the use of Latin. The Order of Mass is printed with Latin on the left and English on the right. For study purposes, this is a great feature! (Note: the Prefaces are only in English) This Missal would be great to assist those on travel. Many Masses in Rome and the Vatican are celebrated in Latin. This is great to follow and actually respond during the Mass. The Antiphons and Gospel acclamation are printed in about 10pt font so to assist those who attend parishes who attend Masses at parishes which use the Latin version of the Antiphons and the Gospel acclamation (e.g. St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica, Toronto uses Latin in their Antiphons). The Eucharistic Prayers of Reconciliation and for Various Needs are not provided in this Missal. However, they are available for use with this Missal through MTF’s website here. There are no print copies for sale sadly.

I have inquired to MTF years ago about what Lectionary Translation the Daily Roman Missal is composed of. I received a response saying that the Lectionary Readings are those used in the United States of America (New American Bible). Therefore sadly, the readings did not match the ones used in Canada as the CCCB uses the New Revised Standard Version Lectionary. It would not match the translation of the readings in other areas too such as Australia which uses the New Jerusalem Bible Lectionary. However, the meaning of the text do match the other translations, therefore good for study purposes. I use the Missal each night to find the day’s Mass readings and write reflections of it in my Spiritual Journal.

Moving towards the general prayer aspect of the Missal, there are more than 50 pages worth of prayers in the back, probably taken from MTF Handbook of Prayers.  An interesting feature is that this sections not only contains prayers, but contain a whole section called, “How to Be a Better Catholic”. It is, to me, like a condensed Catholic Handbook, or small Catechism… a very useful feature! The prayers in the back include basic prayers (sign of the cross, Lord’s prayer…), midday prayers, evening prayers, prayers for the preparation of Mass, prayers before Mass, prayers after Mass, the Eucharistic Adoration ritual, guide for confession, devotions to the Trinity, devotions to Our Lord (including the Stations of the Cross), devotions to the Holy Spirit, devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary (including the Rosary), devotions to St. Joseph, prayers at the time of death and other various prayers. Many prayers also come with its Latin translation too which is very convenient, especially when following the Pope when he’s praying the Rosary or the Angelus.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Title: Daily Roman Missal Seventh Edition

Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum, Our Sunday Visitor

Format: Print, burgundy bonded leather cover, thin cream bible paper with red and black text

Dimensions (approximate): 7 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches

Imprimatur: Yes

ISBN: 9781936045594


  • Bonded leather cover gives it a very nice texture
  • NAB Lectionary Readings (for USCCB Churches)
  • Text is in black and red
  • Well constructed book, printed in Italy
  • Beautiful illustrations and art scattered throughout (in black and white)
  • Lays flat when opened
  • Order of Mass in both Latin and English (except for the Prefaces, English only)
  • Antiphons and Gospel Acclamation also provided in Latin
  • 6 ribbons of different colours, neatly burnt ends to prevent fraying
  • Gold gilded edges
  • High quality endpages
  • Good font size for reading (12pt for main texts, 10pt for rubrics and other texts)
  • Very brief commentary before Sunday’s readings and brief biography for Saint’s feast days
  • Wide variety of prayers in the back
  • Great for travelling pilgrims and travelling priests


  • Thin paper, able to see text on the other side
  • Extra care must be taken when turning the pages
  • Book is quite thick, 1514 pages
  • After constant use of the ribbons, the top edges of the page becomes worn, distorting the gilding on the top
  • The NAB readings are only in effect for the US, not for Canada or other english speaking areas
  • The Eucharistic Prayers of Reconciliation and for Various Needs are not provided in this Missal, only in a PDF file online

On “The Catholic Man’s” Scale

★★★★☆ 4/5

I really love the Daily Roman Missal. Despite its cons, the Missal is something Catholics should invest on so to help one attend Mass more actively, especially when travelling to a foreign country. I wish that there was a Daily Roman Missal with the NRSV Canadian readings so to follow along with the readings here in Canada. I believe this is a very dignified Missal. It may be good for use for travelling priests (this however, must be confirmed with the Diocesan bishop on the use of the Daily Roman Missal replacing the actual Roman Missal on travels).

I believe it would be nice to get a Missal cover to protect this great missal. I was snooping around and found I have not seen one of their products physically. However, looking at the pictures on their site, it seems like a Missal cover would be something worth buying for the Daily Roman Missal. These missal covers are made by Leah’s Legacy. I would certainly hope to see one of these covers one day so to review them here on The Catholic Man Reviews

A big thank you to Our Sunday Visitor for sending me this review copy! I appreciate it very much!

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Daily Roman Missal, visit the Our Sunday Visitor online store to purchase it online.